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Wherever there’s a need for thermal protection, there are usually Nomex® brand products to fill it. In its various forms, Nomex® has an ideal balance of properties for use in flame resistant clothing, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment.

Find out how Nomex® brand fiber helps users perform to their fullest potential in the most extreme conditions imaginable.

Flame Resistant Clothing made with Nomex® for Industrial Protection

For essential performance in thermal protection, comfort and durability, no other brand compares to Nomex® for flame resistant clothing. Its thermal technology helps protect against the hazards associated with electric arcs and flash fires – including intense heat and flame. And, flame resistant clothing made with Nomex® provides valuable peace-of-mind, which enables those who wear it to focus on the job at-hand and perform to their fullest potential.
NOMEX is DuPont’s registered trademark for a non nylon-related manmade fiber. Nomex is inherently flame resistant fiber and provides a high degree of protection against radiant and convection heat. No amount of laundering will remove it, Nomex treated garments are permanent.

The polymer from which the Nomex aramid fiber is spun does not support combustion. When exposed to flame the aramid fiber carbonizes and becomes thicker. The aramid fiber –the same fiber used in bullet proof vests- protects from the explosive force of electric arcs.

Nomex 111 can be home laundered or dry cleaned.

Nomex® IIIA
Garments made with Nomex® consistently provide outstanding thermal performance. Nomex® is inherently flame resistant and the protection won’t wash out or wear away. Flame resistant clothing made with Nomex® helps protect industrial workers against heat and flames. How? Nomex® minimizes break open and maintains a stable, inert barrier between the fire and skin, protecting the wearer from direct exposure. Nomex® forms a tough, protective char when exposed to flame and stays supple until it cools, allowing wearers the valuable seconds they need to escape fires.

Flame-resistant clothing made with Nomex® are extremely durable and resist abrasion, tears and chemicals. And they’re an excellent value, lasting three to five times longer than other standard and protective fabrics, including 100% cotton and flame-retardant treated cotton. In lease, rental and purchase programs, the outstanding wear life of flame resistant clothing made with Nomex® can contribute to bottom-line savings.

Lightweight, breathable fabrics of Nomex® are designed to transport moisture away from the skin, which helps wearers feel cool and dry. Side-by-side wear tests show that fabric weight is the single great factor in controlling garment comfort, and that lightweight comfort of Nomex® is often preferred over other protective fabrics.

3M Scotchlite

Here at Reynolds we are happy to be teamed up with 3M to supply you with the highest quality reflective tape around. With 3M Scotchlite technology you can rest assured that your workers will stand out and be seen when visibility is low. 3M Scotchlite FR tape is stringently tested to insure the safety of those in high risk environments from oil workers to firefighters.

We offer a wide range of styles in reflective tape.

1”,1 ½”, 2” , 3” and 4″ in yellow, silver and a yellow/silver combination.

Indura Ultra Soft Garments

Reynolds Industries Ltd. Is now manufacturing Indura Ultra Soft Garments. We are very excited for this opportunity to provide you with this hi-quality material in our proven Reynolds safety garments.
INDURA® brand fabrics revolutionized the secondary protective clothing market close to 20 years ago by proving Protection, Comfort and Value. INDURA® Ultra Soft® and INDURA® are Guaranteed Flame Resistant for the Life of the Garment in both industrial and home laundry conditions. Millions of garments are in service worldwide in the electrical maintenance, electric & gas utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, military and ferrous metals industries. INDURA Ultra Soft and INDURA fabrics come in a variety of styles, weights & colors and are manufactured by quality apparel companies around the world.

Together with Westex Inc. a world leader in fire resistant fabrics we look forward to providing you with the protection and comfort you need!

100% Fire-Retardant Cotton

The material we use has a flame retardant treatmant applied to fabrics of 100% Cotton. This process meets Canadian Standards 4GP2-27.1 for flamability performance relevant to industrial clothing. Cotton is cool and soft to wear. Good for 25 or more washes in warm water with a warm dryer.

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